• One yarn, endless carpet creations

    One yarn, endless carpet creations
  • Nylon 6 for carpet spinning and compound applications

    Pushing the boundaries of what nylon 6 can achieve

    Nylon 6 for carpet spinning and compound applications
  • At the cutting edge of technology and fashion

    Novel applications, boundless inspirations

    At the cutting edge of technology and fashion
  • Tailored to your requirements and needs

    Boost production and the potential of your extrusion lines

    Tailored to your requirements and needs

Quality and performance

Discover the art of NYOBE

Our strong portfolio of versatile nylon 6 products enjoys an excellent market reputation and offers endless possibilities to downstream businesses worldwide.

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Nylon 6 polymers

NYOBE NV produces granulated nylon 6 polymers with a 2.8 relative viscosity that enjoy an excellent market reputation. First and foremost, our virgin polymers are targeted at the compounding market, where they are used as the alpha element in a virtually unlimited range of automotive, electrical, electronics and packaging applications.

If you want a first-rate performance from your nylon 6-based products, NYOBE is your go-to partner, supplying the white kernel of a million ideas waiting to come to fruition.

In addition to supplying nylon 6 to the compounding industry, NYOBE is a preferred supplier alternative for PA6 BCF yarn spinning mills around the world. If you are looking for a nylon 6 staple that will increase the process ability of your extrusion lines for PA6 BCF carpet yarns, then you need look no further: NYOBE offers ready-made solutions geared to your specific requirement and needs.


Nylon 6 BCF twisted & heat-set yarns

NYOBE has the knowhow and tools to spin and texture any single PA6 BCF yarn in the 650 to 2600 Dtex range.

We cover a wide gamut of filament specifications and dyeing possibilities and provide flexible solutions to suit any taste or budget. Our versatile yarns possess the tensile strength and lush finish that will transform run-of-the-mill carpets into fully-fledged fashion statements, brimming with elegance and colour.

Thanks to our SUPERBA and POWER HEAT-SET technologies, moreover, NYOBE can deliver highly adaptable twisted and heat-set yarns that will open up a whole new world of design possibilities.

NYOBE will happily provide you with a tailor-made theme that lets you plot your own creative course in carpet colours and motifs, both in the residential and commercial markets.


Nyo-be Warm

For modern homes and residential use


Nyo-be Soft

For super soft solutions


Nyo-be Strong

For offices, hotels and public areas

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