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    Scaling Olympian heights
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    Fountainhead of creativity
  • A rich history in nylon 6

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    A rich history in nylon 6

A storied past

Discover the art of NYOBE

NYOBE NV provides the alpha element that builds a 1001 nylon 6 stories.

From Ancient Greece ...

Greek myth tells the tragic tale of proud Niobe, the Queen of Thebes, who suffered the wrath of the gods when she boasted the beauty of her six sons and six daughters to the jealous Titaness Leto. Queen Niobe lost her children and was transformed into a weeping rock, perched high on Mount Sipylus in the heart of Anatolia.

Since that fateful day, Niobe's tears have streamed down the snow-capped mountain as waterfalls and rivers and transformed the valley below. The face of the grieving mother, famously carved from the mountaintop, can still be seen today.

... to a forward-looking company in Belgium, today!

NYOBE NV's success story began in Kruishoutem in 1976 under the name BEAULIEU NYLON NV. Ever since, the story of Niobe has lived on in our company, which transforms a snow-white fountainhead into virgin polymer tears, and then spins these teardrops into white PA6 BCF yarns that will animate untold applications in downstream businesses worldwide.

Working as one, threading together a common vision on quality and innovation, let's weave the magic of metamorphosis.

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