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Discover the art of NYOBE

NYOBE NV's continuous drive for innovation is founded on three pillars: quality control, co-development and open communication.

1. NYOBE Tech: At the cutting edge of carpet design

The world has embraced the digital age of fast-paced innovation. Nylon 6 BCF yarns have joined the technological revolution.

Today's world offers a staggering variety of choice. The commercial and residential flooring market is no exception: the consumer has no end of possibilities and options at his disposal.

Nylon 6 white BCF Yarns have kept the pace and continue to evolve accordingly, providing carpet manufacturers with the technology and tools to create a multitude of designs that can be tailored to the individual consumer’s look, feel and colour of choice.

NYOBE’s current range of nylon 6 white BCF yarn variations has never been greater or more versatile. We enable carpet manufacturers to develop and commercialize carpets that will conquer the hearts and the fashion mindset of the consumer, and chime with every lifestyle.

In combination with today’s high-tech carpet dyeing technologies, NYOBE’s portfolio of nylon 6 white BCF Yarns pushes the boundaries of the colour spectrum and what the texture of carpets can achieve.

Carpet coloring techniques have followed suit and caught up with the exciting world of digital photography: individuals yarn can be dyed in a custom colour and combined into unique patterns and compositions. The possibilities are endless: consumers can bring the great outdoors indoors, for instance, with carpets that depict stunning landscapes and wildlife scenes, or they can incorporate pictures of their friends and family, brimming with joy!

The great strides we have made in yarn processing and dyeing technology, moreover, does not put any strain on the effectiveness of your yarn working capital. Our nylon 6 BCF yarns also make for soft, cozy, resilient and durable carpets that add to the charm and comfort of offices and living rooms alike.

Thanks to our hands-on approach, fast response time, and open lines of communication, NYOBE is able to invite its customers to spin their own colorful – cozy – captivating – creative carpet story.

2. Working in unison: Passion and performance at NYOBE

Our people live and breathe nylon 6. Their passion, drive and attention to detail make sure that our partners have everything they need to succeed. And thanks to NYOBE's continuous production chain, we can react quickly and efficiently to our customers' demands.

Day or night, our experience and expertise are at your disposal. Together, we can develop any new fashion or range of nylon 6 carpet for piece dyeing, rotary or ink jet purposes.

NYOBE welcomes your view on the market and is happy to convert your carpet design needs into the strand of nylon 6 BCF yarn that's right for the job.

What's more, we'll take your wishes and requirements one step further by pro-actively offering you nylon 6 Dtex ranges that capture the latest trends.

Thanks to our experience and openness, NYOBE invites its partners along on a mutually rewarding journey, based on a strong foundation of trust, towards tomorrow's nylon-inspired dream decor. Your versatile designer floor is but a phone call anyway!

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