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    Guardians of quality
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    Dedicated research

Our innovation

Discover the art of NYOBE

NYOBE NV's continuous drive for innovation is founded on three pillars: quality control, co-development and open communication.

Research & Development

Thanks to our attention to detail and ISO-9001 certified quality control system, which is managed from our on-site laboratory, we can guarantee optimum performance every time. Our products are monitored around the clock, making sure they are the best they can be in terms of their chemistry, structure, tensile strength, elasticity, orientation, resilience, and so on.

NYOBE is your trusted and hands-on partner for the co-development of new and exciting carpet applications in a rapidly innovating market. Our products and expertise enable you to:

  • offer your customers a huge and versatile choice of carpet colours, textures and prints, including transfer of HD digital photographs
  • eliminate the need to stockpile dyed yarns, as each individual thread can be dyed a different colour to match your needs
  • boost the efficiency of your piece dyeing, rotary or ink jet applications
  • customise or enhance the look, feel and colour spectrum of your carpets
  • curb your production cost and yarn working capital without limiting your creativity in carpet design
  • follow the latest carpet fashion trends in the commercial and residential markets
  • deliver comfortable and long-lasting carpets that capture the imagination

Keeping our minds and lines of communication wide-open, NYOBE NV is ready and able to take any question you might have about your next nylon 6-inspired project. Don't hesitate to contact us as we invite you to spin your own colourful - cosy - captivating - creative carpet story!

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